Returning from Hibernation

Yellow wildflowers and roaring surf. This is spring in Morocco. Welcome back from hibernation [I say to myself].IMG_5001

For me, this hibernation has been

Reading a book by the fireplace

Family movie night

Taking a break from the news

A time to be introspective as I consider my new life with gratitude.


This is a life where I

IMG_5002Spend time with my family and am really, truly present

Buy fresh produce and invest my time cooking nourishing meals

Slowly enjoy my food [and wine] 

Explore my new city

Enjoy relaxed lunch with a friend


Watch my kids run around at the playground after school


While I intend to carry with me much of what I learned from my hibernation, I hope to take a cue from the yellow wildflowers and burst forth, at least a little. Stay tuned. 


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